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 Sl. No.      Particulars of Tender
1. Tender for Cartridges for HP LaserJet Printer


Tender notice for Chemicals


Tender notice for Orbital Incubator Shaker
4. Tender notice for Micropipette
5. Appointment of Auditor
6. Tender for Heating block
7. Tender for External DVD writer
8. E - Tender of Laptop Computer (Tender ID: 2018_DHE_191216_1)
9. Tender for Laptop Computer
10. Tender for Molecular Biology Reagent (RSSDI)
11. Tender for Laptop Computer
12. Tender notice for Molecular Biology Chemical
13. Tender notice for Projector - 2nd notice
14. Tender notice for Molecular Biology Reagent
15. Tender notice for LCD Projector - Cancelled
16. Tender notice for advertisement of STST & JTST 2018
17. Tender for Wooden Chair
18. Tender for Chemicals
19. E - Tender of Centrifuge (Tender ID: 2018_DHE_164245_1)
20. Lab Instrument Supporting Desktop
21. Tender for Laminar Flow Cabinet (Vertical Type)
22. Tender for Electrophoresis Power Supply Unit
23. Tender for PCR System
24. E - Tender of Centrifuge (Tender ID: 2018_DHE_154699_1) (Cancelled)
25. E - Tender of Geldoc (Tender ID: 2018_DHE_154809_1)
26. Tender for Distillation Unit
27. Tender for Hot & Cold Circulating Water Bath
28. E - Tender of Spectrophotometer (Tender ID: 2018_DHE_152890_1)
29. E - Tender of Microscope (Tender ID: 2018_DHE_152919_1)
30. E - Tender of PHYWE laboratory equipment (Tender ID: 2018_DHE_152946_1)
31. Tender notice for Electrophoresis Systems
32. Tender notice for Bench top pH Meter & Precision Balance
33. Tender notice for Biotech Lab Equipments
34. Tender notice for Biotech Lab Furniture
35. Tender notice for Micro Centrifuge and Micropipette
36. Tender notice for Electronic Balance
37. Tender notice for Flooring (Part A & Part B)
38. Tender notice for Laboratory Furniture (Part A & Part B)
39. Tender notice for purchase of disposable items from JBNSTS - 2017
40. Tender notice for Laptop and Desktop Computer for JBNSTS Office - 2017
41. Tender notice for Electrical Repairing works at the office building of JBNSTS - 2017
42. Tender for Building Repairing work at JBNSTS ( Tender Document   and   BOQ ) - January 2016

Tender : For supplying security guards  (2nd notice)


Tender for Micropipette

45. Tender for Desktop Computer (2nd notice) for JBNSTS office.
46. Tender notice for Civil Work at JBNSTS Office Building
47. Tender notice : Quotation invited for Electrical Works at JBNSTS Office Building
48. Tender notice : Quotation invited for Air Conditioner
49. Tender notice for Heavy Duty Multifunctional Printer cum scanner cum copier (2nd Notice)
50. Tender notice (No. N.I.T. No : JB/Bldg/repr. & maint/15-16/02) Quotation invited for repairing JBNSTS Dormitory
51. Tender notice (No. N.I.T. No : JB/OFFICE EQUIP./2015-16/02) Quotation invited for Desktop Computer
52. Tender notice : Quotation invited for Metallographic Polishing Wheel
53. Tender notice for Heavy Duty Multifunctional Printer cum scanner cum copier
54. Tender notice for Laptop
55. Tender notice for Laboratory Equipments.
56. TENDER NOTICE (N.I.T NO. JB/Bldg/repr.& maint/15-16/01) dated April 30, 2015
57. Tender Notice : Inviting Quotation  - Laminar Air Flow
58. Tender Notice dated April 02, 2015
59.  Quotations are invited from reputed agencies/contractors to construct a cubicle at our office at 1300 Rajdanga Main Road, Kolkata-700107

Notice Invitation of proposal for roof repairing work in continuation with previous notice no.

(JB/Bldg/repr. & maint.. /14-15 dated 9th January, 2015).

61. Notice Inviting Tender ( no. JB/Bldg/repr. & maint.. /14-15) dated 9th January, 2015
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